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We encourage a two-way flow of information to ensure the well-being of the children attending Yorkies.

  • In Yorkies Daycare, each child has a designated Key Worker. You will have access to the online  reporting tool called “Tapestry”. Once logged into Tapestry you will see posts from your child’s Key Worker and other Yorkies staff. These pots will consist of observations, photographs, videos and assessments. You can also upload onto tapestry as a way of communicating with us.
  • On arrival at Yorkies, the child will be signed in by a member of staff and signed out on the child’s departure by the parent/carer.
  • A regular newsletter is produced, available on our website.
  • We respect confidentiality. However should a child protection issue arise, it is our duty to report it to the appropriate person.
  • We have full registration of ICO and adhere to all GDPR legislation


For more information about the service we provide contact:

Yorkies Daycare
York Road Nursery School
York Road

Tel: 01462 632333

Email – yorkiesdaycare@hotmail.com

Registered Charity No.1088332
Ofsted Registration Number 146745