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What should my child wear?

Children should be dressed in suitable clothing for messy/outdoor play. A change of clothing should also be provided. Please label all your child’s clothing.

What is Yorkies’ approach to managing children’s behaviour?

We aim to promote positive behaviour to enable children to develop good self-esteem and a respect and tolerance for others. We will work to provide an environment in which all children feel safe, secure and respected.

What records are kept?

A diary will be kept for every child during their time at Yorkies. Parents can have access to their child’s file on request. The diaries will only be available to Yorkies staff, and the child’s parent/guardian. The diary is sent home at the end of the academic year for you to keep.

What should I do if my child is sick?

Children who are ill should not attend Yorkies. If your child has vomiting or diarrhoea, 48 hours must be allowed to pass following the last episode before your child returns to Yorkies.

Please notify Yorkies as soon as possible if your child is ill and unable to attend.

We must be informed of any food, medicine or activity to which your child is allergic.

Yorkies is prepared to give prescription only medication provided the appropriate instructions are given and a medication form completed. We do not administer non-prescription medicine.

Further information regarding 30 hours free childcare



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