York Road Nursery School, Pre-School & Yorkies Daycare

Accessibility Plan 2019-2021

AimActionTimescaleSuccess CriteriaMonitoring Method Who? How?
To provide a quiet Sensory Area as a place of peace and seclusion that children can retreat to when they feel overwhelmed.Sensory room to be accessible to those children who need it. Kept clean and maintained by all staff. OngoingChildren who feel anxious/overwhelmed or are experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties, will have a quiet/ calming space to settle themselves. Children with SEN will have a therapeutic and stimulating space to develop a range of physical skills.SENco and key teachers to monitor use of the sensory room as a strategy to defuse situations where a child feels out of control and to manage their feelings in a safe environment.
To provide a sensory trail as part of the Enrichment Programme.Designated staff member to run 3 sessions a week in the mornings and afternoons.  OngoingTargeted group will have improved stamina, coordination and higher attention span, in preparation for the day ahead.  S.T.Leader, SENco and SLT to review sensory trails every half term and monitor progress data
Keeping the whole nursery accessible to Children with Physical DisabilitiesReview accessibility to nursery for every child and their needsOngoing reviewIncreasing children’s independence. Keeping the nursery inclusive and accessible for all children. Ramps have been fitted around the nursery to allow access to all areas i.e. Mud Kitchen, Stage (Outdoors), Garden Room. Any new doors or gates fitted are made wide enough for wheelchair and walker access. Hand rails have been installed in toilets, hallways. Steps are provided to encourage independence with personal care.To be reviewed by SENco and Key Teacher
Ensure that sensory-seeking children have access to equipment to provide the necessary stimulus.Observe each child’s sensory needs and what equipment could benefit them.OngoingSensory-seeking children find relief in the use of these items and to fulfil their sensory needs. There is access to Chew necklaces for those who need them, sensory toys, fidget toys, sensory room.Key Teachers to ensure items are available for use. See SENco’s.
Ensure we maintain a good home to school link with SEND children and parents. Making sure children have access to resources at home as well as school.Home to school SEN toy bags.OngoingSEND home to school bags are provided to those children who may need extra support with physical and play skills. These bags are regularly sent home to ensure these children have the opportunity and support from home and school. These include cause and effect toys, fine motor toys, puzzles, books, drawing resources and musical instruments.Key teachers to work alongside Yorkies Holiday Club Leader and parents to maintain link.
To ensure the setting is suitable and safe for children with Visual impairments.Yellow Visual paint on equipment and steps.OngoingClimbing equipment, wooden trail and steps have been marked with yellow paint to ensure it is accessible for children with Visual Impairments. This will also build their independence and confidence when using it.Caretaker / Premises Coordinator to ensure this is kept topped up and maintained. SENco’s to review any other areas that may benefit from this (new equipment).
Ensuring all staff and 1:1’s have necessary and up to date training for the relevant children’s needs. E.g. Autism, Makaton, Epilepsy.  Up to date and regular training opportunities for all staff. Access to online training when needed. OngoingStaff have relevant training for any SEN children who attend/ will be attending the nursery. All staff are made aware of every child’s individual needs and how we can support and encourage them as a setting.Based on children’s needs, Head and SENco’s to ensure staff have adequate training.