General Information

Sessions - Term Time - Monday to Friday

Breakfast Session

The breakfast session runs from 8am-9am (including breakfast which is served up until 8.30am). Breakfast includes cereals, yoghurt, fresh fruit and a variety of bread/toast.

Afternoon Session

The afternoon sessions  are as follows:

30 Hours – Mon to Thur 3.30pm – 6.00pm and Friday 1.00pm – 4.00pm.

Non 30 hours – Mon to Thur 12pm – 6pm and Friday 1pm – 4pm.

The charge for the Afternoon session is inclusive of a snack and a small meal, e.g. pizza, soup, pasta bake.

Sessions – Holiday Time - Monday to Friday

Holiday Session - 8am-6pm (Mon - Thur) 8am-4pm (Friday)

  • Full day session 8am to 6pm (Mon – Thur) and 8am to 4pm (Friday) includes breakfast, mid-morning snack, mid afternoon snack and tea. (A packed lunch will need to be provided by parents/guardians for lunch time).

Holiday Session - 8am-1pm

  • Morning session 8am to 1pm includes breakfast, mid-morning snack.

Early drop off and late pick up is also available during holiday time.

Holiday Session - 1pm-6pm (Mon - Thur) and 1pm-4pm (Friday)

  • Afternoon session 1pm to 6pm (Mon to Thur) and 1pm to 4pm (Fri) which includes mid-afternoon snack and tea.

Holiday Sessions Terms and Conditions

If you need to cancel pre-booked holiday club
The following dates are the final dates to cancel any pre-booked holiday clubs to avoid charges:
                 May Half Term  – Friday 29th April 2022
                 Summer Holidays – Thursday 23rd June 2022

Bookings made for the Holiday Sessions will be for the whole academic period and there is no refund for weeks missed unless 4 week’s notice is given in writing.

  • Yorkies Daycare will close for a week at Christmas; no charge will be made for this week.
  • If Christmas Eve falls on a week day, Yorkies will open but close at 1pm. Parents using this session will pay for a morning Holiday Club session (8am -1pm). The additional hour will be free of charge.
  • Yorkies will have a 10 day shutdown (including the August Bank Holiday) at the end August. No charge will be made for this time.
  • Yorkies will not open on a Bank Holiday. No charge will be made for
    this day.
  • One off additional sessions may be available and are at the sole discretion of the Manager of Yorkies Daycare.

York Road Nursery Inset and Occasional Days

  • Yorkies will operate a Holiday session on York Road inset and occasional days. If your child normally attends on this day, you will be charged for a holiday session unless the manager is informed in writing of the child’s absence a minimum of 4 weeks before the inset/occasional day.
  • If an issue cannot be resolved with reference to the policies listed then the matter will be referred to Yorkies Daycare Management Committee for a final decision.

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